4 Best Wrike Alternatives For Project Management

Wrike is not an open source project. As a result, users risk simply relying on the vendor to render code changes or execute feature requests. To overcome the drawbacks, you should look out for the best Wrike alternatives.

Wrike also doesn’t have a self-hosted option. Furthermore, it lacks an integrated source control management function, making it difficult to manage software projects in an integrated manner.

If you’re looking for Wrike alternatives, take a look at the list below to see why OpenProject is the best option.

List of 4 Best Wrike Alternatives For Project Management



ProofHub makes it easier to get things done. It’s a flexible, user-friendly project management tool that brings managers, team members, and decision-makers together to execute projects on schedule.

ProofHub helps project managers and teams to become more efficient than ever before. It comes along with project management and team communication features such as:

  • Gantt charts,
  • Kanban boards,
  • conversations,
  • chats,
  • notes,
  • reports,
  • schedules,
  • timesheets, and more.

Furthermore, ProofHub’s online proofing platform gives the entire analysis and input sharing process a special twist.

Why Choose ProofHub Over Wrike?

ProofHub is the most cost-effective alternative to Wrike. Since, unlike Wrike, ProofHub’s critical and ultimate control plans allow for unlimited users.

The free version does not offer key functionality. So, users need to upgrade to the paid version, which is charged per account.

ProofHub allows you to have an infinite number of users for a single fee. So far, pricing and plans have been set. You can learn more about ProofHub’s pricing and plans by visiting their pricing page.

  • Location Kanban Board Task Stages
  • Work Management Software That Is Easy To Use Organize Tasks in a Single 
  • Gantt Charts are used to plan projects.
  • Built-in Proofing to Ensure Accurate Feedback
  • With Custom Roles, you’ll have complete control.
  • Organize Your Time Wisely
  • Participate in discussions together
  • Bring all of your documents to one location.
  • Using ProofHub, you can make announcements.


Essential – $50/month or $45/month (billed annually)

Ultimate Control – $99/month or $89/month (billed annually)


  • Easy access to all of your workflows and the ability to 
  • grant different levels of access to different team members.
  • All of your documents can be proofed in one location.
  • ProofHub’s multilingual interface is a major selling point, 


  • Few users say that there aren’t enough integrations. 
  • ProofHub has become one of the more expensive options. 
  • Due to the lack of a free version, it could be out of reach for small teams on a budget.



Monday.com is yet another great Wrike option on this list. It’s a powerful and user-friendly project management tool that makes handling projects and project communications a breeze.

The app was formerly known as Dapulse, and it has seen a steady rise in its number of users since its refurbishment. In reality, it has evolved into one of the most effective project management tools available.

Why use Monday.com as Wrike alternatives?

  • Monday.com improves workplace teamwork. 
  • It comes with a social media interface that we’re all familiar It comes with a social media interface that we’re all familiar with.
  • It comes with a social media interface that we’re all familiar Its work scheduling function enables teams to prepare ahead of time for tasks


Basic – $25/month (billed annually)

Standard – $39/month (billed annually)

Pro – $59/month (billed annually)

Enterprise – $118/month (billed annually)


  • Since no two teams are alike, having a unique strategy is advantageous.  
  • Monday understands the value of everybody seeing the final product. 
  • Assists teams in visualizing the entire project through boards and approval processes.


  • The most useful features for teams are only available in the Business tier, equivalent to how other free-to-paid solutions operate, where each tier offers you more features.



ProjectManager is a project management platform that is hosted in the cloud. The solution includes tools for effective teamwork, preparation, scheduling, and project execution.

It is regarded as one of the most dependable project management systems, with over 10,000 companies and teams around the world relying on it. ProjectManager.com is the platform to use if you want to save money and time on project execution and completion.

Why use ProjectManager.com over Wrike?

  • Organizations like the United Nations, NASA, and Volvo depend on it. 
  • It enables you to gain useful insights into project workload, budget, and schedules.
  •  It helps you to compare a project’s expected and actual progress and make major changes in some areas.


Personal – $15 per user/month

Team – $20/user/month

Business – $25/user/month

Enterprise – by quote


  • ProjectManager.com provides a comprehensive set of project management tools.
  • It is compatible with both Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies.
  • The app allows you to keep track of project management related progress, communicate, and report on how projects are progressing.


  • Although projectmanager.com is a simple tool to use, the formatting and interface may be outdated. 
  • It also seems to be aimed at those who are more technically inclined, even though they are not project managers.



ClickUp is another excellent Wrike alternative. It stands out in the category of job management software due to its extensive feature set and user-friendly GUI.

Since it has predefined models for almost all, this tool makes the job a lot easier. It also aids successful teamwork by offering a variety of features that allow you to stay on track with your team at all times.

Why use ClickUp over Wrike?

  • It allows you to see what your teammates have next on their agendas. You could set reminders that can be checked and handled in the calendar view.
  • It also makes it easy to import files and data from other programs.

You can easily manage your documents and wikis with ClickUp.


Free – Free

Unlimited – $5 per user/month billed annually


  • ClickUp is an easy but flexible project management tool for managing smaller projects and teams. 
  • It has a series of various project views and a very colorful, easy-to-navigate user interface.


  • An all-in-one solution, which means it lacks some of the functionality that a good project management solution would provide.
  • New users may be overwhelmed by the varying levels of functionality outside of its project management capabilities. 
  • Some people believe that the sheer number of functions and integration choices makes it impossible to effectively implement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I choose a Wrike alternative?

If your work style, desires, and expectations necessitate features that Wrike does not have, you should consider a Wrike alternative. Here you can compare Wrike to a number of common equivalents rapidly and effortlessly.

What is the best Wrike Alternative?

The best Wrike replacement is the one that meets your needs and offers all of the functionality you need. If you're having trouble deciding between features and use cases, try a few methods to assess the usefulness and attractiveness of the frameworks.

What can a Wrike alternative help with?

A Wrike alternative will assist you in completing tasks that are unique to your profession, team, and goals. This list of Wrike replacements, for instance, contains software that can help you simplify a few of your working practices and standardize bills.

Does Wrike have Gantt charts?

Gantt charts are available in Wrike. When you turn to the Timeline view of your directory or project after creating a few tasks and assigning them deadlines, your Gantt chart will come automatically! You can then drag connections among tasks to create task dependencies. You can also click and drag activities on the list if their due dates shift.

What does it mean to share in Wrike?

Giving others exposure to your task in Wrike is just the same as sharing it. They may have access to the tasks, but that does not mean they are aware of their existence. If you really want them to know about it, use the @mentions feature in the comments box to send them a message to their Wrike mailbox.

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Selecting the right tool for the job can be difficult. However, you must be astute enough to assess the requirements before making a decision.

We encourage analyzing at ProofHub. You must first assess the requirements before making a list of features that are absolutely necessary for your team to work.

If you’re thinking of leaving Wrike for some reason, there are a few things to remember.

And, if you’re thinking about ditching Wrike for some reason, you should know that there are plenty of Wrike alternatives to consider (as already explained in the article). Make your choice and see which one fits best for you.

Try out these Wrike alternatives and boost your productivity.