10 Best Slack Alternatives For Effective Project Management

Slack has become the platform that more than approximately twelve million people open first on their systems on their workday daily. However, not everyone operates with Slack. So, here’s the list of top Slack alternatives to manage your projects hassle-free.

Slack has risen to the top of the team communication industry, making people’s jobs easier and increasing their productivity. 

Organizations would rather not invest in a premium for unrestricted search capabilities. Others prefer a self-hosted platform to have more leverage over their team’s contact, which Slack does not have.

Department specific teams are becoming more popular, and as a result, more organizations are searching for affordable options.

If you agree with the latter half, the list of Slack alternatives is for you.

List of 10 Best Slack Alternatives For Effective Project Management

Google Chat


Google Chat, a Gmail-based Slack alternative, is where you can contact anybody who has a Gmail account, either paid or free. You can also conduct voice/video calls using Google Meet and Google Chat.

These tools have taken the place of Google Hangouts, that have a similar feature set. This software is available on Android, computers, iPhones & iPad and is free for us for all G-Mail account holders.



For gamers, Discord is the industry-leading team coordination app. Many people, however, use it for their work teams because of its extensive features and unrestricted message history.

Discord splits the platforms into text and speech when you first start using it. However, using Discord’s channel settings, you can easily use the feature of Slack’s private and public channels to converse.

It’s also the only app on the list with push-to-talk capabilities. The software is available on all operating systems. It is also free to use, except a fee of $9.99/month is payable if you wish to use its advanced features or require high-resolution screen share features.

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a professional chat platform aimed primarily at large corporations. However, if you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, which also make Microsoft Teams accessible.

If you’re not using one of these plans, you can try working with the tool’s freemium edition. It has all of the required team chat features, such as instant messaging, voice/ video calls, as well as integrations. It also integrates with all Office 365 products as well as over 250 applications and services.

It’s also worth noting that MT isn’t the most straightforward app to set up, so hire a  tech-savvy to operate it. The tool is operable on all systems; Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Free till the limit of 100 video participants and 500 K chat users, while the premium plans start at per user basis of $5.00/month.



Mattermost is an open-source framework that can be tailored to the company’s specific requirements. It can also be used for private cloud hosting or a self-managed server.

For small teams, Mattermost provides freemium pricing plans with entire message history and functionalities. It  also supports over a dozen languages, making it ideal for international groups.

The tool is accessible with an iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux operating system, and web and is free for up to ten users with an additional $10/month per user. 



A unique and open-source alternative to Slack that allows you to customize its look to fit your needs is RocketChat. One of RocketChat’s features is how simple and convenient it is to move from Slack or HipChat to it.

All you need to do is take your files and export and upload them to this tool.

RocketChat is one of the best Slack alternatives that includes features including a real-time translator, a live chat possible with clients, with an E2E encryption.

It is available on all systems; Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows, and iPad. While the tool is free for up to 1k members, $3 is applicable for extra member features every month.



The twist is the perfect collaboration tool for asynchronous teams. Its “Threads” functionality moves away from real-time interactions and toward “deeper, organized communication”.

Users must designate a separate “thread” for conversations relevant to that subject instead of using a group chat. For discussions that don’t need threads, 1-on-1 and community group chat is also open.

The freemium version caps a one-month limitation on search message history and allows only a maximum 5GB file storage.

However, you can pay $5/month per user for more features and unlimited search history plans. The software runs on all operating systems as well as the web. 



Flock is a chat app for businesses that claim to be quicker than Slack. It includes polls, reminders, notes, and to-do snippets in addition to standard communication features, including instant messaging, audio, as well as video calls.

The freemium edition of Flock allows a 20 total of 20 users with ten thousand searchable messages. Paid plans of $4.50/month grant access to additional features such as limiting 100 users and screen-sharing and complete message history. It is available on Android, MacOS, Linux system, and windows. 



Flowdock is an alternative to Slack that organizes conversations into threads. Their threads are customary color- coded to make switching between subjects and managing the team’s correspondence a breeze.

Flowdock, like Slack, offers free, invite-only, and personal chats. You can also use Flowdock to link to over 90 of your favorite apps. It is usable on Windows, Web, Android, Linux, and MacOS and is priced at $3/month per user.



Fleep is based on the idea of “conversations,” in which users can participate in a discussion about a particular subject. To make these conversations more actionable, Fleep’s “Task” features for organizing and assigning tasks, as well as the “Pinboard” function.

This allows users to pin important details, data, or announcements to the side for fast access, have been added.

The freemium version has a storage limit of 10 GB. But unrestricted one-on-one conversations are restricted to three group conversations across the board.

You’ll need to update the Business plan if you want to have constant community discussions. Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS are all supported by the app.



Chanty is a virtual team chat platform for small or medium teams of small and medium organizations with a complete message history that can be searched.

You can chat in public and private networks, as well as one-on-one talks, much like in Slack. In a Team book function, Chanty organizes all of your files, connections, assignments, and conversations into folders.

Chanty’s built-in task manager and user-friendly interface make it an excellent Slack option for those who aren’t tech-savvy. It is available on all systems like Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

While the tool is free for up to ten members, $3 is applicable for extra member features every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there anything better than Slack?

There are plenty of free Slack alternatives like Google Chat, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Mattermost, RocketChat, and more.

What is a free alternative to Slack?

Google Chat, RocketChat, Fleep, Twist, Hive, are the best free alternative to Slack.

Does Google use Slack?

Slack + Google Workspace jointly bring teams together with innovation in one place.


The list can go on and on. You have many choices when it comes to selecting the best communication tool for your squad. These are some of the best Slack alternatives, with various pricing options and features.

Get a customized tool for your organization, whether small, medium, or large by choosing any of the Slack alternatives.