Best Life Coaching Platforms For Your Team To Enhance Productivity 

Who does not require a mentor in today’s competitive world? It is better to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than waiting for our part of life lessons. So, here’s a list of best coaching platforms to enhance productivity of your team.

Well, this applies in entrepreneurship too. So, what if I tell you that you can have a whole platform to be assisting you? Wouldn’t it be amazing?

However, online coaching platforms serve as coaches in the marketplace where dynamic code is utilized to assist in daily activities. These platforms support coaches by keeping a check on the daily activities of clients that connect both of them and make their work simpler with easier management techniques.

Sometimes, a  coach can require an assistant for scheduling things while some others may require it for linking clients to him.

You can always figure out what your team needs from the life coaching platform and what are your current challenges in the workflow.

So, here are some of the platforms that will serve very well in terms of coaching. So, tune in to read and let everything sink in!

List of Best life coaching platforms For Business Coaches:


It can be said that this is a platform for the digitalization and automation of many aspects of the mentoring needs and practice of the coaches.

It has a drag and drop builder that is easy to use and allows the coaches to craft many different digital activities for the competition among clients in their in person mentoring sessions.

The different tasks can include intake forms, assessments, questionnaires, modules. Through these, they can learn at speed and a lot more interesting training.

While creating these tasks, the coaches can fully use multimedia such as video, audio, images, so that the content is more interesting. Also, clients engage with more enthusiasm, along with competing for the tasks on any personal device through the Quenza app.

It is an all in one platform for creating a coaching custom platforms with the customers. If you have the will to combine activities, you can do it in such a way so that the activities are pushed to the devices of your clients in a sequence and also according to the time and duration you have set for them.

It is built with security from scratch. The interactions that take place between you and your client are secured. Personal pin codes and 128-bit encryption ensure peace of mind. It is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

However, even if you are practicing solo or practicing with a group, Quenza offers price packages that would suit any business. The one month trial starts at the rate of a single dollar now, so that you can try it risk free.



It is the most broad coaching platform. On this platform,you will be receiving your personal profile that will have the summed up information about your ideal client. Some information on your coach and your ranking in that coaching directory for gratis.

However, if you need the recordings of the interviews of the coach and the client,you will have to pay for it. This platform serves you according to your design criteria.

It will provide you with the clarity about the type of mentoring you will offer and also provides a space for the clients to leave reviews and also view them.

With this platform, you can also integrate with your personally designed websites as well. You are also allotted with training and coaching circles. With this service, coaches can improve their skills and can also serve other coaches along with providing certifications.

This benefits in an overall way as coaches get someone to mentor them too.



You could call it a platform that sets the coaches free from offices. It is an all in one platform for remaining organized. Also, a coach or a mentor can have the capabilities to manage a business that can be competitive enough for the new startups.

So there is a discount offered for new coaches. It also provides many ways for a coach to fully serve a client. One stop invoices, bulk emailing, scheduling things online are some of the extra features of this platform that a coach can use for organizing business. It also offers group packages in case a business has multiple runners and coaches.


This platform best suits the health coaches. It allows interaction between the coach and the clients and all HIPAA compliance are followed. Its mobile capability results in improved engagement of health coaching clients. It has a more personalized and interactive focus that enables the coaches to serve the clients in one dynamic place.



It is the best trusted platform organization and marketing to bring new clients for the coaches. Registering here is free of cost that turns out to be the best for beginner coaches who also need to complete their billable hours.

However, coaches get listed in the directory. The platform assigns clients to the coaches, so the coaches are termed as subcontractors, and moreover there are 1099 tax implications attached.



It is a one stop platform for building hours that will be required for credentialing for coaches. If a mentor or a coach does not show interest in making their brand popular and growing it, and just focuses on serving clients with no hustle and building client interactions, it will be just perfect. The coaches are linked with clients via stream and also keeping notes simultaneously.

(Well, we saw the best coaching platforms for businesses, now,let’s see in some other fields)

Best Coaching Platforms For Life coaches and Health Coaches:

Well, not all training that are designed are similar. Some love to be professional and work at office places, while some prefer to work from home and train their clients in a number of ways. They provide different training options. Some of the best platforms here are:

  • Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching
  • iNLP Center
  • World Coach Institute
  • Life Coach Training

For Executive Coaches:

They are available in abundance. Businesses are investing in development of employees and executive coaching is a greater part of that investment. Managers and executives have the greatest advantage of improving their productivity and also developing their workplace environment.

Many universities offer Executive coaching for online programs. Some of the organizations are:

  • Coach Masters Academy
  • Center for Executive Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best online life coaching app? is the best drag and drop builder life coaching platform helping coaches create activities and making it fun loving.

What type of life coaches make the most money?

Running coach, and coach up make the most money that could range between $8000 up to $10,000 per month.


To become a professional coach requires more than just an initial coach training. It needs the growth of the mindset for developing a coaching business. The best lessons could be learnt from the things that didn’t work out and figure out the real ways that will work.

However,as it is seen,a business coach should have multiple sources of income to learn and keep teaching though. The fact that matters the most while growing your business coaching or businesses is how it’s idea stands unique in the market and this is the one way that will attract abundant money towards your organization .

Being on the initial phases,business often begins with hope and optimism.But make sure that you find relatable options and tools to grow as a business coach.

The more you expect and the more clear your target is,the more easier it will be to resolve complexities and keep moving forward. So,what are you waiting for?

Go, kick-start your journey and make your team reach higher levels of productivity to ensure maximum profits. Also,keep in mind to figure out your personal criteria while choosing platforms and make the most out of them.