7 Best Life Coach Certification Programs in 2021

During the start of the 21st century, when the coaching industry had reached its zenith, people and organizations were finding it difficult to search for a coach that can fulfill all their demands and requirements. Not anymore, as I have listed here the best life coach certification programs to enroll in 2021.

Even at that time, it is tough to find a coach training organization specializing in teaching sectors. Even when there are more than 1000 coaching institutes certified by ICF, the organization finds that the coaches lack skills, the intensity of teaching, and experience.

At that time, you cannot wholly rely on any individual coach as they are not providing you with assured teaching.

There are so many different active programs at that time, and all are meeting the requirements of ICF. They all are following the academic criteria and ethics as given by the ICF.

It is challenging for a coach to find a perfect coach training institute with balance in all multiple directions, which assures building him in every critical perspective.

A coach always faces trouble selecting the suitable institute with equal balance, inexperience of their teachers, market notability, accountability towards their work, and level of training.

Best Life Coach Certification Programs

Various programs are going around the world that provides the best coaching to an instructor, which is listed below –

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)


This is one of the leading life coach certification programs that provide training to coaches worldwide. This is also one of the coach training institutes that the ICF has recognized, and it is one of the best-certified institutes.

There are different time schedules and training programs that it offers to its clients. But, if we speak for an intermediate training course, it will be around 400 hours of online training and nearly three days of live seminars.

The best part of receiving the training through this coaching institute is that you will get additional two certificates along with a certificate that is going to be provided by the international coach federation.

So, this will make you unique from other coaches that have acquired training from various institutes. The best part of taking training through this institute is that you aren’t required to physically present at the institute as there is only a three-day live seminar.

The rest of the things will be prepared and organized virtually. You have to perform and submit everything on the e-portal.

Also, unlike any other institute where you don’t need to pay a considerable amount for receiving coaching. In this institution, you can complete your training of 6 to 9 months in just $12000 to $13000.

Health Coach Institute Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification:


There is a vast difference between a health coach and a coach for life, but there are so many similar things in both of them.

As we all know, health is an essential thing in anybody’s life, and it matters more than any other thing. If you want to live happily, your body should remain healthy.

If you pass yourself through health coaching training, you will receive two different certificates that will add more things to your professional life.

You will get to know about both health and life.

Suppose we talk about the time duration of this course, and then on average, you can quickly complete this course within 12 months.

Upon completing the training, you will get the certification of health and life coach assigned by the international coach federation. If you want to know about the training prices, you need to stay in contact with a program representative.

Life Purpose Life Coach Certification: 


As it is cent percent clear that anybody who invests in a coach training institute wants to train others in the future, he will train other professionals like him.

But moreover, if you don’t want to teach or train others in the future, it is not a bad investment for you.

May your goals and perspective of the future get changed, start training others, and start utilizing a life coach’s certification.

The best part of life purpose coaching is to complete it within significantly less time and lower cost. According to the experience, you can finish this course within a week for just $ 100.

CoachU Core Essential Program:


Apart from receiving life coaching in this training institute, you will be able to specialize yourself in your own business as well. It will provide you with the possibility of uplifting your position in the company as an individual.

This is one of the best coaching centers for those who had decided to build their future career in coaching. Many times, many different coaches have to suffer from various difficulties. They are unable to find full-time coaching because of their low skills, low experience, and low confidence level.

Also, there are several options available for getting different types of training. You can also receive quick training through shorter training programs that can be completed within a week. Also, you will be certified by ICF as it is affiliated with it.

The training prices depend on the type of training program you choose. If you want to receive long-term training, you need to pay around $4000.

Integrative Wellness Academy Master Life Coaching Program:


Are you searching for a very energetic and intensified institute? The one that can provide you with the coaching that will help you be a professional in your field. Here’s something in which you can show your trust.

A professional coach training institute is the best for you. According to my professional and research, you can rely entirely on it to acquire knowledge and skills.

Also, it is something different from other institutions as it provides you with the options of getting training for a master’s and specializing yourself within a particular field.

Certified Life Coach Institute Life Coach Certification


This is one of the organizations that will show you the different paths after receiving a life coach certification. You can do a master’s and receive advanced training after getting life coach certification.

Integrative wellness coaching will treat you how to handle the most challenging and higher executive clients.

Institute for Life Coach Training Professional Certification


This is the best and most suitable training institute for those who want to certify themselves quickly and receive the ICF certification. You can quickly complete training within three days at a meager price. It will cost you around $1000 for complete training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much will you have to pay for life coach certification programs?

There are so many different factors on which your expense and pay scale for life coaching depends. There is no particular amount fixed for it. Still, it depends on the time duration of your training, type of institution, and level of coaching.

Are there any qualifications required for becoming a life coach?

Anybody can receive this certification whether graduated or not. No upper body governs it and is entirely free and independent.

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Apart from the type of training institute, you select you should remember that you are the only reason behind your success. You should train yourself to handle and fight the most challenging situation.

You should give your cent percent during the training to get maximum out of it.

From the above discussions, you must have a clear idea of selecting a life coach certification program that can complete your requirements.