Best Jira alternatives 2021 For Effective Project Management

Already using Jira? If yes, then does it seem a bit complicated? Here are the best Jira alternatives for effective project management

Are you a freelancer? Are you searching for a more budget-friendly tool for the management of your project?  If your answer to all these questions is yes, then, I have got something for you. Jira is no doubt a supreme tool for agile project management with a brand package of features.

But, you might need an alternative in case it does not suit your budget as it is very expensive. Moreover, it always remains outdated and Jira is not everyone’s cup of tea.

While its interface too seems a bit difficult and running the tool is not the task of anyone’s right hand and it is good for businesses or startups. But if you are a freelancer, I will have to apologize as it’s certainly not for freelancers.

Also, it does not allow multiple assignees at a single time. Guess what, in such complexities, don’t you think the amazing alternatives of Jira will work out? Definitely yes, so here I am to call attention to some of its alternatives. Stay tuned in! 


Best Pick Jira alternatives 2021



We can say that Backlog is a tool for the management of projects for developers. It has a very simple interface. However, it is used by individuals to collaborate and work with other teams so that the project is high quality and is enhanced properly with all requirements. It has many features such as a Tracking tool of bugs, subtasks along with the project and its issues detected, also it is available in cloud types and on-premise. The style type is Kanban that is utilized for the styling of boards for visual workflow.

SpiraPlan by Inflectra


SpiraPlan is another Jira alternatives that is used for the management of the Agile Portfolio of Inflectra. It is designed with built-in modules for QA, management of projects and much more.

The platform is a cloud-hosted system as well as is available on-promise system. It has many features too that are much amazing such as:

  • Project Management that involves management of the portfolio and designed program,
  • estimation and planning of projects,
  • management of different activities involved in the project,
  • their roadmaps, resources, risks while implementation, solutions to them.

While another feature that is Agile and DevOps involves the organization of requirements, management of automated tests, integration of source code and much more.

The tool also has some collaboration features such as management of content and documents. Well, the most amazing features are the reporting and BI features that include different dashboards, customizable generations of reports and also graphing.



Kanbanize is also a software system for the management of projects. It has different Kanban boards with the help of which you can manage multiple workflows only in one place.

The platform has Agile timelines to make the plannings flexible. It also tries to manage the processes in different boards and many different organizational levels.

Also, it has set up a group of rules to be followed to make the processes easier and ensure their automation. The tool offers other features such as email integrations, tracking of time and analyzing parts for improvement. 



ClickUp is another major software that can be used to manage tasks,  chats, goals more easily. It also has an extra feature to help you convert comments and resolve them into real-time tasks.

The platform can turn out to be your right hand while setting priorities at work. It enables you to search and filter for the task required by you at your most comfortable. You can assign multiple tasks at a single time, sync google calendar, and also lets you interconnect with other people through collaboration.



However, it is a platform that can be used by anyone to manage their organizations and also startups or businesses of any sizes. It is mobile friendly.

However, some of its features are it helps to manage all tasks of a project and centralizes them under a single system. However, having technical knowledge is not necessary for the development of your logic of the process.

It also enables you to perform some functions such as filtering, sorting and rearranging your records. The integrations with social media and some email marketing systems are easy. It also provides support when needed.



It is known as a very productive platform allowing individuals to manage and organize their projects with no hassle. You can also use more than 1K integrations such as Gmail, Google Drive, etc.

It helps you to perform the reporting and monitoring of projects in real-time and also helps in the planning of time for future projects. Collaboration with others is made very simple by Hive.

It also provides us with templates that are simple and easy to use and also helps in organizing the projects in a calendar or table along with providing a summary for all projects.



It is a very famous tool for the management of agile projects related to commercial terms. With this tool, management of developing software in collaborations is too easy.

It also offers story map view, custom views, cards, reports and dashboards, It also executes a high-level tracking of the whole portfolio.

This tool is very ideal. Some of the additive features are tracking of bugs, management of test cases, evaluation in the enhancement of different projects with teams along visualizing project data.  



Blossom enables the teams in visualizing different processes. It continuously improves its workflows and it is a good alternative to Jira. It also has a feature for optimizing resources.

The tool provides support for:

  • Kanban cards,
  • performs the analysis of performances,
  • integration of codes is very easy
  • and if you are using this tool, fast performance is ensured. Also it offers chat integrations.

Pivotal Tracker


It is another Jira alternative used for the management of agile projects, also it provides a clear sorted picture of team priorities for the analysis of the project. The workflow of the management is agile and iterative. It also helps in the creation of plans that are based on real-time estimations.



The first noticeable feature is the management of backlog is easy. Also, stakeholders are given a centralized view. It also has a drag and drop interface.

Moreover, its backlog management becomes easier with its repository that is centralized and online. You can also do the prioritization of your stories and defects by utilizing the function of drag and drop, also you can make and specify the items of the group by their theme.

You can say that it is the tool that has all features in one place, it does the capturing of feature requests in a single place. It also helps to engage with customers so that their needs and requirements can be known.



Assembla is a platform that is younger but has awesome functionality like git hosting, deployment of codes, some agile tools and tracking of time.

It offers us features like a tracking tool for bugs, perforce hosting, also many features to cope up with the best social collaborations and their ongoing trends.

It also makes it possible for the users to solve the problems through many workflows, it also provides management of project portfolio.

You can also create personal filters with it and it provides a backup within every hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Jira?

You can call it a problem detecting software for different projects, but mostly agile projects, that was created by an Australian company.

Why look for a JIRA alternative?

JIRA is best for individual and personal utilization, but using it may have some disadvantages, as it is expensive and has a tough to use interface while it does not even support multiple users. So, opting for alternatives that provide the same features and even better features than JIRA, can turn out to be a good choice.

What are the best alternatives to JIRA?

The alternatives to JIRA are many while some of the top ones are Backlog, Kanbanize and Hive.


I am sure that till now, you must have gone through each alternative of JIRA minutely and would have understood whether which tool is a definite alternative to some of the features of JIRA in a pocket-friendly budget. So, all you need to do is buck up and choose any of them that suits your needs, budget and target.