9 Best CV Templates for Designers, Marketers and Consultants

Are you applying for a job or an internship? Want to make an eye catching resume?Do you want to mention all your skills and knowledge at a proper place? Well, then, I have some of the best CV templates for you.

The best resume designs speak about your professionalism and personality, but representing it in a creative way is also an important part to be considered.

It can be tough sometimes, but worry not, I have searched some of the best CV templates format for your resumes. All you need is to go through the article once and choose the one that perfectly suits you.

So,tune in and let all the details sink in !

List of the Best CV Templates 2021



My first choice as the best CV templates is Cubic. It is a high quality resume and is much popular among the audience. Through such resumes,it becomes very easy for the HR to put an eye on all important information and scan them.

The subtle color scheme is not at the utmost top, but it is a good quality template.The main name and title take the top place in the header of the resume so that you shine on a professionally level too representing yourself.

However, on the right hand side,you can mention your skills, languages and software proficiency. However,as it is a two column resume format, 30% more information fits easily on one page. It therefore becomes more comfortable than writing everything in a word document detail.

Also, infographics is used here. The circle named health bar that is for skills and language allows you to show the mentioned information with a real visual impact.

It is best for marketing managers,supervisors,store managers,and great for executives and data scientists along with being good for customer service and help desk too.



It is just a fresh type of a traditional resume. It is a single column template of resume that actually allows the HR to scan the given CV by highlighting the titles of different sections with different icons that you yourself can choose.

The full width layout allows you to fill ample of information in the spaces. Also,the bar graphs that are simple enough show your hard and soft skills to show it cut to cut that you are abundant with all the qualities required.

It is best for:

  • nurses and dentists,
  • business resumes,
  • child caretakers and pharm techs 
  • also, good for HR’s, consultants, and call center individuals.



It is the most creative resume template sample. The name  is diamond such that it specifies that it punctuates areas such a section headings,skills and bullet points for the work experience area.

It is a best template for college students and interns. The design is such that only after putting an eye on the resume, the HR can take a breath of relief as most of the important things are already highlighted.

Diamond could be a option for accountants and legal professionals. Also, the CV templates builder is best for customer service, help desk and sales interns.

While being great for accountants and financial analysts, along with being a good choice for legal assistants. 



It is an amazing functional resume template for someone who is looking forward to clearly separate some information in the style of their resume.

The right side of the template basically contains texts in short forms that appear very clearly and in a good visual format.

There is much space for mentioning your interactive skills,technical skills along with other skills neatly into the progress bar form.

On the left,you have much free space,below which you get a good space to mention your work experience,education and certifications.

It is a two column resume template. It is best for individuals in the marketing field,great for individuals in the technical field,especially IT consultants and good for executives and store managers.

You can see the actual format of the Enfold resume template in the image given below.



All I can say about this resume template is that it is very unique and has any different features. The beginning is with a full width header that will contain your name,title and any personal statement.

However,it is a two column template where the left hand side will contain your personal information and skills with attractive square icons creating an impact on the recruiter.

It is the best choice for managers, while being great for writers and marketing managers, and good for consultants and bookkeepers.

You can see the actual format of the Vibes resume template in the image given below. 



It is an overall perfect resume but suits best for the leaders of the team. It Is a two column resume template separated by white space to draw the attention of the recruiter.

The right hand side is for mentioning your skills. It is best for data scientists and consultants, great for managers and executives, while being good for individuals in marketing.

You can choose this template with no doubts in mind as it is one of the best templates.

You can actually see format of the Muse resume template in the image given below. 



It is the best type of template for chronological resumes. It shows its innovative outlook by highlighting its infographic resume features  touched with a traditional layout.

The left side is present for all the important dates while the color of that sidebar becomes the color of headings on the right, outcasting more visual sophistication.

It is best for bartenders and chefs,great for technicians and good for career changers and designers.You can actually see the actual format of the concept resume template in the image given below.



It follows a twin column layout and it is somewhat similar to Muse. It has a full page width header that has abundant space for the summary of your career.

The main body area on the right will contain long form text such as experience,qualifications and your certifications. It has a white background, black font of the text and you can choose the accent color on your own.

It is best for accountants and managers,great for cooks and individuals in food industry, while being good for artists and real estate agents. You can see the actual format of the Crisp resume template in the image given below.



It can be the best choice for business owners and blue collar holders, marketing individuals and finance workers.It is good for people in corporate section too.

Moreover,looking like an American CV. It is a single column resume template and has much space for mentioning your past career details. However, your name and contact information can be clearly placed on top with the font color of your choice.

It has a very clean design and is easy to read. It is best for mechanics,warehouse operators,great for marketers and sales managers,along with being good for bankers and accountants.

You can see the actual format of Influx resume template in the image given below.

These were some of the best templates for resume templates for consultants, marketers and designers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should a 2021 CV look like?

Your CV should highlight your personal and professional skills as companies are looking for candidates that can perform multi-tasking. Ensure your CV headline is Bold and easy to read.

How can I make a free CV template?

Choose any template from the list of free CV templates and start customizing your CV by giving it a professional and powerful look.

What is the best CV layout?

Do not waste the space by showing information that is not needed. Minimize the margins and utilize the space well by adding core skills section.


There are many outdated resume templates out there that are not greatly designed. So, all I would suggest is surf through the above mentioned templates and pick up one of your choice.

However, all the templates that are mentioned above are amazing. Well,to be more picky and precise with your professional resume, see that the below points are ensured:

  • Choose a resume template that is easy to read for HR’s.
  • Choose ATS friendly resumes that are simple and not incubated by over graphics
  • Organize your text and make sure for the headings to be short and sweet.
  • Make use of the white space in a smart way and mention your details clearly
  • Also, make sure that all the important information is mentioned at the topmost on your CV.
  • Also, attach a cover letter with your resume.

So, hurry up to make your resume give an outlook that creates an amazing impact on the recruiter by choosing the ones mentioned above.