A Complete List of 10+ Coworking Spaces in Seoul

A coworking place keeps more importance than your work even. It is because the choice of right kind of place decided how you would work and what quality you are going to offer. Well, Seoul offers some of the best coworking spaces especially for those who are looking for such places where they and work and learn something new. 

Seoul is getting famous each day for providing such lovely, high tech, from social to private desks and from modern to the wooden desk are all available here.

So if you are looking for a place where you can work with motivation not the outside motivation but inside motivation, then Seoul has brought so many things for you. 


We work

Well with time we work is on everyone’s list if they are looking for work to do in the most proper way and if they are willing to enjoy their work.

The interior of We work quite impressive where it gives a feeling of a café cum office. It has private cabins; sharing space where you can work with many people still you can work in peace.

The sofa has been designed in most comfortable way where you can literally work and enjoy the outside view. Everything is arranged inside the office so you do not need to go outside of the office and could save your time. 


Hive Arena  

Well, if you are a die hard fan of wooden furniture then here it is and it is nothing else than give arena as the name has given so the touch of the interior and ambience is also given in the same way.

Even if you own a team you can still enjoy your time here and learn more about yourself. This office is given a look of more like home so that anyone who come to work here they do not find any trouble. 

Working space seoul

Gran Seoul

What, a lovely place once you go there. You will not want you to come back as the whole interior and ambience of the place is given a proper touch. Everything is already arranged inside the office so that if they work there they take experience along with themselves.

The office looks like an art where department store, office space and hotel and banks. Here one would get best sharing space which is available for them. 

Fast five

Wow, this would be the first word which would come into your mind. This place is indeed so amazing and beautiful that once you go there you really enjoy your work along with ambience.

The lights are just so perfect, the sofa and cushion, table and cafeteria. While working you can have a cup of coffee, tea that too free and enjoy your work. It has even a personal kitchen and other facilities. 

Fast five 

Seoul start-up hub  

This is something modern sort of office where seating chairs is designed in a sci-Fi way. But working here is also a good experience and the best part about this place is that it is spacious. Therefore, its regarded as the top coworking spaces in Seoul.

Here the office has been divided categorize wise as floor 1 to 3 given for the coworking spaces. And the floor 4 to 8 are given office spaces for the start-up companies. Each floor allows almost 100 people to work peacefully.

Here in this office, there are so many comfort and convenience have been offered such as game machine, comfortable store, café and game machines etc.!

If anyone wants to enjoy a rooftop garden, then that is also available here. What makes people deal this place is its sleeping facility. 

seoul working


Well, the name is different than the quality which it provides, and it is indeed an enjoyable place. The place has given a touch of art, and it looks like an art, that is why working here becomes soothing. You can find many things here such as high-speed internet, a lounge, parking, a garage and café. So if you are used to of taking a cup of sip then do it while working. The other highlight about the company is that you can even buy a ‘virtual office’ here and this would permit you. It would let you give your office address, access to the parking, receiving mail and a lounge and meeting rooms. 

cospace seoul

Wyatt space 

Wyatt space has lots of deal for you where you will not just find out an office but also crack a deal for the ambience. An ambience keeps so much importance that also helps people in deciding for their work and dedication. The place is spacious, and it has a sharing desk which has given a touch of comfort. Working here is safe and pleasant. 

working space seoul

Uptown Seoul

Well, this is also the best place if you are looking for. The place has well-designed ambience, and it is spacious. Four comfortable people share a table. Here north Seoul people visit much and so you even learn a lot here.

They give you hot desks, kitchen and printers, so working is quite fun and enjoying. They have also kept phone booths which is again a complete touch of 90’s. If you get tired of working then, sky garden is also there to enjoy. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Co-working space in Seoul profitable?

Due to Covid-19, co-working spaces in Seoul are on a downside, but it can come back strongly because of the Korean startups.

Which is the best Co-working space in Seoul?

WeWork is not only the best collaborative space in Seoul, but has many spaces around the world.

Winding-up The Best Coworking Spaces in Seoul

Well, Seoul is getting famous day by day the way it is working. It has worked hard on its offices. So that no one receives trouble, they only meet their comfort and desire at the same place. Working in a peaceful and desired place is very much important, that is why people go after the right kind of business. The locations have been designed in such a manner whoever comes here they can work with dedication and focus. Focus, commitment and motivation are such kind of thing which helps anyone to grow. When you go to such places first working at home, you even meet various people who share a new idea, and you learn from there too.