4 Best Courses To Increase Team Productivity

Are you a leader? Well, are you looking forward towards increasing the productivity of your team? If yes, then you are at the right place. I am here to share with you the best courses to help you increase team productivity and grow your business.

It is said that unity is strength, therefore any team is always good for completing a task rather than doing it alone.

But when it comes to increasing the productivity of the team, some of the skills play a very great role on an individual level of every member as well as the skill set of the whole team.

Let’s talk about it in detail. Read this article to find out the best courses that will increase the productivity of your team, and will create an optimistic outlook on the organizations of your team.

4 Best Courses To Increase Team Productivity

Building high performing teams by Pennsylvania University via Coursera


This is a course offered by the Pennsylvania University and it has ratings higher than 4.5. Already more than 12 k learners worldwide have enrolled in this course.

However, this course teaches the modern organizations the importance of teamwork and working in teams. They provide lectures on how to adapt the changes in market and the rapidly growing world. Also how to ensure constructive communication between co-workers and much more.

They provide deep knowledge sessions on the self awareness of teams. They provide an online certification for this program as well as the learning is online and can be taken according to your own pace and time.

It has total 12 hours of driven content and the lectures are in spoken English with subtitles provided in French, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.

The skills that the individuals of your team will gain from this program are team building, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and team management.

Leading Teams by University of Michigan via Coursera


It is a free online course that is provided in English with subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, and Spanish.

However, a paid certificate is available too.It is completely online with 9 hours of content and 4 week duration. This course will teach you how to build  a team and improve teamwork and collaboration with them.

It will also teach you to maintain consistency and keep on improving the performance by learning constantly. Decision making, leadership, solving and handling conflicts, by building trusts which will lead to the establishment of a profound organization by you.

The syllabus for this course involves:

  • leadership,
  • designing of team with excellence,
  • managing the dynamics of team, and,
  • creating a sustainable environment for team members.

Working effectively on a team  via Skillsoft


This program includes 6 courses of 2 hours and 50 minutes, 9 books of 19 hours, 12 minutes and 9 audio books of duration 10 hours and 38 minutes. Vast,isn’t it?

But it is worth it. The beginning of the course has content and training related to how to become an effective member followed by the power of positive attitude.

The other parts of this course probably include the strategies for building a cohesive team, effective communication and much more.

It mostly emphasizes on the idea of increasing the productivity of a team by ensuring the proper selection of team members, and developing ways to effective communication as communication is the key.

Managing Yourself and leading others by The Harvard University


This is a course for budding leaders who are tending to lead the co workers and help them by contributing towards their professional growth as well as theirs.

It is a paid course and covers topics such as leadership ,management,career development as well as professional development. You will learn about the effective ways to manage your teams and handle difficult situations too.

This course is mostly designed for business owners, leading professionals such as managers & consultants. But however, anyone can opt for them who is interested.

It is an online course that is offered for 7 hours per day. The course is totally in English and provides the skills such as:

  • strengthening the leadership skills,
  • improving management skills and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can team productivity be improved?

Team productivity can be increased by learning courses online, project management software, and even by offering incentives to your employees.

How do you motivate a team to improve performance?

You can motivate your team by paying them a deserving salary, encouraging even for failures, different opportunities to grow their skills, etc.


However, you would have realized the importance of skills required for team results with maximized profits. So, why are you waiting?

Get yourself enrolled for the above courses to increase and improve team productivity. These courses will help you kick-start your journey towards developing and maintaining a best team.