Affordable Co-working Spaces in Mumbai with Perks & Prices 

Freelancing, small traders, and startups have changed the meaning of running the business. But as these businesses mostly get started with zero investment, so they look for good spaces that can be shared with other co-workers. To keep the conference, arrange workshops, or any other big or small events in those cases, they require to have co-working spaces.

Thus, if you are a self-starter, these co-working spaces will be beneficial, and you can increase your productivity. 

Some advantages of co-working spaces 

Reduces feeling of loneliness

So yes, be opting for this opportunity it will bring a working mood for you. Sometimes, working alone becomes chewy and somewhere or the other, we lack motivation.

Not all the time working alone is fine, but many at times working along with people seems the right kind of decision. So how do these small traders or freelancers can do it?

Numbers of co-working spaces are available now, and anyone can look for those options. 

Mumbai coworking space

Flexibility and money-saving

Those who are already flexible they have the most pleasant way of going in the drop-inn- space and literally can enjoy a great time. It may even grow your productivity when you are happy. You work more dedicate.

They offer the whole ambiance which has both kinds of touch, a homely and an office. So this seems a fine decision working in such an atmosphere. 

Here is the list of some co-working spaces in Mumbai with perks and prices

In the 21st century, business is not the same way. Earlier when working in own space depending on own mood was a dream, but now the story is different. 

The Playce 


Are you looking for the cheapest co-working space in Mumbai?

If yes, then ‘The Playce’ is one of those spaces where anyone who is a freelancer, startups, and small traders can find the best space.

This place is known for providing for the most comfortable, and they take care of all the comfortable resources at reasonable prices. It is best for those who are looking for a virtual office.

The cost of The Playce is manageable where you will not have to lose your pocket much. 

Redbrick office

Whenever it comes to Co-working spaces, Redbrick cannot go without mentioning it. This place has almost created an ambiance where people can come and increase their productivity.

And it is also said that ‘An ambiance plays an important role for anything’, even if you are studying or starting any business. This is best for those who are working on LCD, projector or organizing conferences.

The internet speed is quite high where you do not need to break your connection. It is just so awesome with its available tools. 

Price of the Redbrick office

Private ones are available at a reasonable price which is a soothing thing. Super offices can be available only on request.

Coworking space mumbai

Ministry of new

Have you heard about it? If not, then you must know about the place if you are a freelancer or a business person. Well, getting the right kind of place for the freelancer is a crucial ingredient, and the ministry of new can be the one.

We all work so hard to grow our business or ourselves but before that we need lots of things to accomplish one goal. We would require a perfect kind of ambiance.

Ministry of New is famous for its pet- friendly working place like Google offers. It has good storage service at the right price. If you are also looking for real-time assistance from relationship executives, it will provide you that.

The highlight of the Ministry of New:  Available at just low price, which will not affect your pocket and monthly membership has different criteria. 

Mumbai working space


I, personally like ‘zoom start’ because of many reasons behind it. This place is perfect for so many things as the interior is just so splendid. Anyone who would come with the motto of working here would find the right kind of seat where they can seat and work for hours and hours.

The whole ambiance is so quiet that it gives the feeling of office. Even if you have a partner along with yourself working here can be the right decision. It is situated in Navi Mumbai and this place also proposes a rooftop café.

ZoomStart is also ready with services such as housekeeping and in-house courier services. 

The highlight of the ZoomStart office: It starts with such a cot where you will not be disappointed. 

Coworking space


For freelancers, startups, and small traders, it becomes necessary that they need creative, productive ambiance. It has some limitless micro-roasted coffee and some fresh fruit water.

They have sorted out one of the biggest issues which any businessman and woman would want, and that is the parking issue. This place has comfortable free biking storage.

It has a hassle-free working desk. Here, you can even collect health insurance, accounting software, and gym membership at a reasonable price. 

The highlight of the WeWork office: A dedicated desk is an available and private office. And another kind of desk is available too. 


91 springboard 

This place can be a little expensive who are beginners, but this is worth having. It has perks such as free office space for 30 days and even offers high-speed Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable.

Ninety-one springboards have even coffee and tea shops. So, while working there with different people, you can have a ship of tea or coffee.

The desk is available 24/7, so it is giving a free choice to work and even someone so working at the office and on their startup. This place can be a good place. 

Price of the 91 springboards: Private cabin is available and a dedicated desk too so that anyone can pick up their cabin according to your wish. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much are coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces price per desk varies depending upon day, monthly or permanent membership. The pricing starts from $35-$45 and go up to $100 or more depending upon the number of staff.

What is the meaning of coworking space?

A Coworking space is essentially an office set up to give that feeling of working in an office environment. A Coworking space consists of tables, desks, coffee, kitchen, meeting rooms, and other modern amenities.

Do coworking spaces make money?

It can be assumed that almost 50% of the coworking spaces make money but not at the very beginning. It also depends in which country, region, or city the coworking space is established. This is because coworking space is for like-minded people who want an office feeling rather than working at home.

Final words

It will be unfair to say these places could be better; they are already better. So go ahead, pick up anyone from it and enjoy a good time.