10+ Best Cheap Co-working Spaces in Paris

Besides ‘Fantasying romantic scene’ what else you have thought about Paris? Paris is one of the most beautiful places, but besides that, it has more things to offer. You can find some of the cheapest co-working spaces in Paris.

Paris has even the best of business schools which cannot be just compared with anything. That is why, when they make space for the business, they take care of all the things so that it does not affect.

It would be best if you looked for these co-working spaces in Paris for multiple reasons. Those who are already in Paris must not skip these co-working places.

These places are full of amenities which it promises to its customer. Dwellers of Paris are already blessed with the facility it offers to each one who is looking for such places.

You may figure out any reason why you should walk to these places. Look at these places. 

List of 10+ Best Cheap Co-working Spaces in Paris

Le Permance

La Permance offers time as per your choice and you can even go for private cabin. Price of this place is already affordable and when you would seat in this office you will literally crowd of people and that is when you can speculate about it and its popularity. 


Le tank

How cool is the name of this place? Right? This is indeed a kind of working place which anyone would definitely have thought once into their life.

Chairs are set in yellow colour with their own private space, and it gives a sense of café sort of which is indeed a right kind of working place for those who are going to work for their startup.

Although this place has not included any free coffee bars if you wish while working, you can buy one or two coffee here. 

Paris coworking space

Station W

Do you want to work? And looking for the right kind of place where you can work for hours and hours. This is one of cheapest place if you are looking your pocket as well as. Once entered, you will feel that this could be the right place that you are looking for a long time for sure.

Paris coworking space


This would be the first word you would spill out after seeing it, Hubsy is one of most crowed place of Paris for the co-workers. Here you can seat at the comfortable sofa and adjust your pillow behind and watching outside while bored. This is a perfect dream place to work. Are you a non- French speaker? Common book your seat right now. 

Paris coworking space

The Hoxton Paris

Wow! who would have thought such a beautiful working place with such big skills drawing remote workers for years? They have put some natural lights inside the office which gives it perfect tone to seat here and work and it can adjust around about 25 people.

The place is surrounded by museums and restaurants so you can light your mood while getting heavy. 

Cosy corner

What is the first thing which came into your mind? Yes, surely cozy corner is more than just getting cozy here with Wi-Fi facility. The whole library has set along with sofas; desks have been turned into café. It is complete in the style ‘Tour Saint- Jacques’.

Paris working space

Café Lomi 

Lomi is just right kind of place for anyone who is looking a place to wok on their start- ups and everything here falls perfectly. It has its own café where you can flow with your idea while working on your project and no one would disturb you for a single moment. 


Wojo is a future place for people like us who are willing to work on our own start ups. With time Europe is working on more such places and it is best with unique model with three types of the office spaces.

The ambience has kept in mind while designing this place so that whoever comes here they could carry something light along with themselves and feel relaxed after devoting hours and hours.

The walls of this place are filled with vibrant colors and paintings which inspires each day with different angel. Maybe when you work here, you notice someday. 



Aww, you must be thinking it to be café right? But darling, this place is set in café mode, but it is not precisely what you might be thinking. But as you would enter to this place, the whole vibe of this anti café is café.

The best deal of this place can be its private café where if you have some team to work with. Then this place has complete thumps up. 

La Permanence 

Are you looking for some right place to work in peace? To work in peace is an easy choice if you have the ability to pick some right kind of places. These places would let you enjoy your good time and the work in a proper and managed way.

La Permanence is wallet-friendly sort of place maybe that is the reason anyone can find here people in good numbers. There are more things which add to your list of why you should not miss it. It offers pastries.

Le Lawmatic

Are you workaholic? Or looking some soothing place where you can feel something while working. With this, ‘Le Lawmatic’ you will end up at the right place, the chairs, table and ambience creates a beautiful working place for people like us.

This trendy in its arrangements and full of comfort and amenities. You can even figure out a tiny cafeteria on this location and relax for some time. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some recommended coworking spaces in Paris?

You should try Le Permance, Le Tank, Station W, Hubsy, that offer the finest coworking spaces in Paris.

How can I find a cheap coworking space in Paris?

There are plenty of cheap co-working space in Paris but you will have to compromise on the amenities. It is better to look out for affordable coworking spaces with excellent features.

Can coworking spaces be profitable businesses, and how?

If you have a vacant house, then its the best idea to convert it into a coworking space and make it a profitable business.


Although, when you will look at these places, maybe you will find something for yourself. The locations have kept in mind pretty well so that while working people can relax, that is why from color to chair.

All have been given some special touch so that anyone could feel soothing and better. They can reach their full productivity and even enjoy their work and maybe create some epic pieces.

The startup is not an easy task. It is full of commitment, and that is why people pick up such co-working spaces in Paris, so they can be focused.