Best Coworking Spaces in Bengaluru with Prices & Amenities

There are numerous independent workers (with a considerable proportion) in India. The coworking spaces with various amenities in Bengaluru will become more popular among the grooming freelancer and entrepreneurial scenes.

Individual freedom within the city is encouraged and also respected. You can find a wide range of packages and services with an excellent co-working space for your entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups.

Best Co-working Spaces in Bengaluru with Prices & Amenities 2021

Find below the list of best co-working spaces in Bengaluru with Perks & Prices 2021 for your reference:


Workshaala is the top coworking spaces in Bengaluru that offers beautiful spaces included with everything you require to ensure innovation and also productivity. The registered members can receive access to various events, kitchen facilities.

Also high-speed internet connection for boardrooms, meetings, and clients. It is highly recommended and most popular options with a wide range of daily passes & monthly memberships.

The guests within Bengaluru locations can utilize this. For information, it is also very close to world-class hotels, shops, and restaurants.

Pricing – Daily Pass (Rs. 365) and Dedicated Desk at Rs. 4,000.


Special Amenities

  • Personal Lockers, Free Tea & Coffee.
  • Kitchen, Events, Standing Desks.
  • Air Conditioning and High-speed Wi-Fi connection.
  • Chill-out Area or Lounge and Work Desk.


If you don’t prefer to utilize the swanky workplace with the coolest networking settings and mind spellbinding works, then Awfis, the best co-working places to operate.

The new city will guide the best global business persons to conduct their meetings across the globe. Make use of a single-click to book the meetings rooms with office supplies, telephony, and never-fail Internet connection. It also includes other printing credits that are clever and convenient.

Awfis Virtual Office will assist you in setting up the Bulk Meeting hours and use the National Pass.

Pricing – Private Cabins at Rs 9,000 per month, Individual Dedicated Desks at Rs. 400 per day, and Individual Hot Desks at Rs. 300 per day.


Special Amenities

  • Users can utilize the reward programs or Awfis official app to access their exclusive benefits and content.
  • They also provide access to IVR, projectors, and printers. You are allowed to use non-tech amenities like lounges, storage facilities, and couriers.
  • Users can also choose the Awfis Roaming feature from the available lists.


Indiqube is another trendy base that includes various options for small businesses, start-ups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with a supportive and spacious environment. The office facility accessed by the members, such as fantastic benefits and ergonomic chairs.

Indiqube provides the best co-working spaces by its full-packed social plan, flexible working hours, full-service environment, and beautiful design. They also have various fully-adaptable meeting rooms and fully-equipped event space.

Pricing – Dedicated Desks at Rs. 6,500 onwards.

Bangalore space coworking

Special Amenities

  • Heating, Ergonomic Chairs, Foosball or Table Football.
  • Events, Free Tea or Coffee, Kitchen.
  • Standing Desks, Air Conditioning, High-speed Wi-Fi connection.
  • Chill-out Area or Lounge and Work Desk.


You can opt for the best co-working office spaces that will never break your bank account due to its prime location. Regus will fulfill your fundamental requirements, such as meeting rooms, business lounges, offices, and offers desks.

Users can utilize this co-working space until they recover their original workspace from downtime or a natural disaster. The PPU (pay-per-use) options and recovery sites with flexible plans across the globe.

It will also include access to Rehaja Towers, UB City, and even to other prime spots.

Pricing – The Co-working space will start from Rs. 7,000 per month.

Bangalore coworking

Special Amenities

  • Book a meeting room or an event within an hour after your call.
  • Including the start-ups, every budget is well-suited on each package.
  • Numerous locations of co-working office spaces available across the industrial areas in Bengaluru.


Kafnu will offer the best and vibrant spaces for the members to access the entire requirements. It provides with a very flexible mentality and meeting facilities.

Their creativity is encouraged with numerous freedom and space. Kafnu is a versatile and serious coworking spaces in Bengaluru that includes a swimming pool, ergonomically furnished workspaces, kitchenette, etc.

It also comes with complimentary coffee, 24/7 access, and also a high-speed internet connection.

Pricing – Private Office at Rs. 25,000 onwards and Open Hot Desk at Rs. 11,666 onwards.

Bangalore coworking space

Special Amenities

  • Beanbags, Ergonomic Chairs, Wheelchair Accessibility.
  • Swimming Pool, Community App, Drinks.
  • Community Lunches, Events, Free Tea & Coffee.
  • Kitchen, Standing Desks, Air Conditioning, High-speed Wi-Fi connection.
  • Chill-out Area or Lounge and Work Desk.


Noveloffice will provide the entire facilities required by the professionals by offering a well-equipped shared workspace and convenient location in Bengaluru.

However, the users are not required to pay the security deposit amount or provide any lock-in period to utilize the co-working space. They can avail of the various amenities like power back-up and an in-house cafeteria. You can also rent the required computers and also managed by expert technicians.

The precincts are under CCTV surveillance and security. Based on your needs, you can easily increase the team-size with the support of Noveloffice.

Pricing – Private Office pricing starts from Rs. 10,000 up to a maximum of Rs. 45,000 per month, Dedicated Desks at Rs. 5,000 per month, and Individual Hot Desks at Rs. 4,000 per month.

Bangalore coworking space

Special Amenities

  • The Cloud telephony and overseas communication is handled using the Dialer services, Conferencing & Meeting support, and High-speed internet connection.
  • Based on your requirements, layout (refreshments & parking), and sizes, you can choose the best-personalized location in Bengaluru.
  • Special amenities with support for housekeeping and maintenance.

Innov8 Co-working

Innov8 Co-working is another innovative working spaces in Bengaluru can be best suited for web developers, marketing specialists, and freelancers.

You can use from the list of available monthly memberships for the users. It ranges from the premium private suites to the shared desks within an open-plan environment.

Innov8 Co-working is another community-oriented working space that is located within the city area. For information, it offers meeting rooms, nap rooms, common areas access, and super-fast uncapped internet connection for socializing.

Pricing – Private Office starts at Rs. 13,000 onwards, Dedicated Desks at Rs. 10,000, and Open Hot Desk at Rs. 7,500.


Special Amenities

  • Football Table, Pool, Eccentric artwork, Nap rooms.
  • Two open terraces, Green lawn, Events, Free Tea or Coffee.
  • Kitchen, Standing Desks, Air Conditioning, High-speed Wi-Fi connection.
  • Chill-out Area or Lounge and Work Desk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a coworking space cost in Bangalore?

The price per desk for a coworking space in Bengaluru could cost you around INR 2000 to INR 20000 per month.

How much does WeWork cost in India?

WeWork plans in India start at INR 21000 per month and goes up to INR 218000 per month. All the plans give you access 24 hours. You will get access to high-speed Wi-Fi, Lounge, free coffee, Air-conditioning, free drinking water, printer, and more.


With plenty of coworking spaces in Bengaluru full of modern amenities, you are ready to launch a startup.