BambooHR alternatives in 2021- Which Is the Best HR Software?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Applicant Tracking Software. Although a good system like BambooHR has a lot of features, it may not be tailored to your specific business needs. There are numerous BambooHR alternatives that you should be keen about.

Check out the other BambooHR alternatives mentioned below and compare their features and prices to get the best service. You may also compare them to see which one is a better deal.


Best Alternatives of BambooHR



First in the line of BambooHR alternatives is Recruiteze. Recruiteze is a hiring program that will help you track, organize, and sort your online candidate data, streamlining all of your hiring processes.

You can cut the recruiting costs and attract fantastic candidates with Recruiteze. The program is jam-packed with features that will help you improve your recruiting efforts while also ensuring that you don’t miss out on a great candidate.

Unlike BambooHR, it is a web-based application. It is a much more straightforward and effective approach that focuses on delivering a positive user experience and useful functionality.

Advantages of Recruiteze

The following are some of Recruiteze standout features:

  • Broadcast your work openings — You can quickly post a job opening on over a dozen big job boards, such as ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Glassdoor. You’ll save a lot of time and increase the popularity of your work ad, making it more possible for better applicants to see it.
  • Recruiteze allows you to make advanced screener query shapes. You can use these question forms to easily scan and short-list better applicants for your employment using these question forms. For various tasks, various questionnaires may be used.
  • Customize your recruitment workflow — With Recruiteze, you can quickly and easily build a workflow based on your company’s internal hiring method — you don’t have to change your hiring process to suit Recruiteze. Recruiteze will change to suit your needs. You will also keep track of applicants as they progress through the different phases of the hiring process.
  • Tags, filters, comments, and tasks are only a few of the features available. You can build and manage tags, as well as filter through them, to prevent duplication and better organise your candidates.
  • You can also leave notes and build custom assignments for each candidate, which is particularly useful if you have a large recruiting team.

Drawbacks of Recruiteze

  • Any of the connections with other vendors are currently missing.
  • Furthermore, the app is mostly targeted at small and medium-sized companies, rather than corporations.
  • It rapidly evolving in response to user feedback, and working hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Recruiteze pricing


Starter, Startup, Pro Business, Enterprise, and Custom Plan are the five Recruiteze plans. There is a 15-day free trial with no credit card necessary. All the plans can be paid monthly or annually, with annual plans offering a 30% discount.

BambooHR vs. Recruiteze — how are they different?

BambooHR, on the other hand, is a far more complicated app. That is not, however, a distinct advantage over Recruiteze.

Recruiteze has a smaller number of features, but they’re all built to give users the highest level of satisfaction and reliability in the recruitment process while still saving you money.

Recruiteze ratings as one of the BambooHR competitor:

  • User rating: 5 out of 5
  • 4.5/5 for standout features
  • 5/5 in terms of price
  • Customer service effectiveness: 5 out of 5
  • 4.87 out of 5



Workday is a dynamic human resource management software package. It is made up of many pieces of software, including talent management and recruitment tools.

 Advantages of Workday

Workday claims to be able to assist you with the entire talent development process. The following are some of their distinguishing characteristics:

  • Hire feedback — Workday lets you get feedback through Slack and Microsoft Teams, schedule interviews through Outlook and Google, and assist hiring managers with streamlined job requests.
  • Workday can automate recruiting workflows, allocate applicants on a wide scale, and process proposals and agreements in bulk, which is ideal if you need to recruit for a large number of positions at once.
  • Make data-driven decisions — Workday’s data and analytics function enable you to accurately calculate key indicators, making it easier to meet business objectives.

 Drawbacks of Workday

You may need to look for an applicant monitoring system elsewhere because you operate a small business or have restricted recruitment user requirements.

According to many users, Workday is not always user friendly since it takes a few clicks to complete those processes, compared to other solutions that can execute the very same functions in less time and with less clicks.

Workday’s pricing

Workday does not disclose the price of their program. You must contact them directly for a quote.

What’s the difference between BambooHR and Workday?

On this list, Workday is the most similar solution to BambooHR. They have a lot of the same functionality and interfaces, but Workday does so on a much larger scale and is more geared toward businesses.

Workday’s performance as a BambooHR competitor

  • 4/5 based on user experience
  • 3/5 features that stand out
  • 5/5 in terms of price
  • Effectiveness of customer service: 45
  • 4 out of 5



Greenhouse is a candidate management framework and recruitment platform that aims to help companies develop their hiring processes. It consists of a hiring and on-boarding solution, but for now, we’ll concentrate on the recruiting aspect.

Advantages of Greenhouse

  • The following are some of Greenhouse’s standout features:
  • Applicant tracker — This function helps you to categorize and cultivate talent in your talent database so you can find exactly who you need quickly.
  • Greenhouse uses nudges and assessment techniques to help you reduce implicit bias in the selection process.
  • Increased candidate satisfaction — You can make job pages with Greenhouse. in addition
  • Better leader experience — Greenhouse allows you to build job pages and customize email templates to give your candidates a better experience.

Drawbacks of Greenhouse

Greenhouse is not a user-friendly app, according to many users. Despite the abundance of functionality, many people need a comprehensive tutorial on how to use it. If you want to go days without progressing, you must look for what you want on their support pages.

Greenhouse pricing


 The cost of Greenhouse is determined by the number of workers your company has. You must contact them directly for a quote to find out the exact price for your needs.

What’s the difference between BambooHR and Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is similar to BambooHR, but it’s a little more complicated and geared toward larger businesses.

As one of BambooHR’s rivals, Greenhouse Ratings

  • 3/5 for user experience
  • 4/5 for standout features
  • 4/5 for price
  • Customer service effectiveness: 5 out of 5
  • 4 out of 5



Zenefits is a cloud-based human resource management information system (HRIS) that manages compensation, time and participation, stock options, and more.

It’s a good option for small businesses that don’t have an in-house HR department because it’s simple to set up. The method, however, can be used by companies of any size and in any sector.

Because of its flexible pricing model, this HR method is ideal for small businesses. Choose between three base plans, then add one of three add-ons: payroll, consulting services, or third-party benefits administration. Per base plan and add-on has a monthly price per employee.

Advantages of Zenefits

And if you don’t put on any extras, the base plans provide everything you’ll need for a solid HRIS. This includes the following features, also at the lowest price tier:

  • Recruiting and on-boarding
  • Employee record-keeping method
  • Organizational map and company directory
  • Control of documents
  • Creating a report
  • Organize your news.
  • requests for a PTO
  •  Portal for employee self-service
  • Alerts and triggers for enforcement

Employees may use self-service to get their pay stubs, adjust or display their benefits records, and request time off. On-boarding is also simple and quick:

  • HR basically fills out five areas for new hires,
  • After which employees can electronically complete and sign on-boarding documents.

Shortcomings of Zenefits

Zenefits has a solid product and a good partnership with insurance broker OneDigital. But, some consumers’ experiences are harmed by a lacklustre user interface (UI) and weak customer service.

The most common complaint is long wait times for service. When users are able to reach a representative, however, they have a great experience.

Zenefits pricing 

Zenefits does not disclose the price of their program. You must contact them directly for a quote.

What’s the difference between BambooHR and Zenefits?

BambooHR’s user interface is straightforward and easy to use. BambooHR keeps to a few primary choices, while Zenefits packs everything under the sun into its main navigation.

People, Hiring, Reports, and Files are all included. Select these options by clicking on them.People, Hiring, Reports, and Files are all included. When you choose these choices, you will be taken directly to the tasks that are associated with them.

As one of BambooHR’s rivals, Zenefits has received favorable reviews.

  • 3.5/5 for user experience
  • 4/5 for standout features
  • 3.5/5 for price
  • Customer service effectiveness: 4.5 out of 5
  • 4.5 out of 5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is better than BambooHR?

Recruitize, Workday, Greenhouse, Zenefits, and more BambooHR alternatives and competitors are available.

How many employees can BambooHR handle?

BambooHR is a great fit for medium to small size organization having less than or equal to 500 employees. It helps in automating the entire recruitment process making company administration highly efficient.

What services does BambooHR offer?

BambooHR keeps all your employee information in one safe place with reporting tools that help you analyze the data in a snap.


These four BambooHR alternatives platforms represent some of the most powerful HR players on the market, but they are far from exhaustive. Hundreds of all-in-one or standalone technologies are available to satisfy the requirements.

So, if you’re having trouble deciding, toss a dart to see which system it lands on. Don’t go for what’s trendy, the first device you come across, or something you haven’t tried out.

It’s important to remember that selecting the best HR software isn’t about deciding if a vendor is “evil” or “good.” It’s all about identifying the company’s priorities and workflow, then finding the best match for your objectives, budget, and workforce.

So are these BambooHR alternatives worthy? Find out yourself by testing each one of them.