Acuity Scheduling Review & Coupon Codes 2021  

Are you looking for appointment-based scheduling software to help you manage business appointments online? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here in this article, you will know about Acuity Scheduling software review and its coupon codes.

If interested in having a piece of detailed information, keep reading the Acuity Scheduling review.

What is the Meaning of Acuity Scheduling?


When you are assisting people and feel their best, the Acuity Scheduling breaks move privately to manage and fill the schedule effortlessly.

Starting from the time clients prearrange their schedule with you for the online meeting, Acuity is always present to accept, perform client intake, deposits, process payments, deliver text reminders, and sell spa packages. Also, send customized and branded confirmations of booking automatically.

Moreover, if you are a spa owner, your spa will grow faster and smoother with the help of acuity scheduling. 

The capability of your clients to prearrange/book the appointments along with the employees in their free time is a powerful and effective tool for every party included.

This is because your customers will sense that they control their schedules, and employees will have a lesser possibility to be held up.

As acuity scheduling has a powerful, intuitive user interface and tool set, it is a very recommendable service. It should be considered by mini businesses that are based on appointments.

Pricing of Acuity Scheduling


Acuity is a branch of a very famous and exceptionally customizable web designing platform known as Squarespace, and therefore Acuity provides four different tiers of service.

Every service tier consists of its collection of prices and features, and that without the vendor’s additional fees and monthly minimum. All the tiers which are paid have a trial period of seven days.

Given below is the list of all the four service tiers offered by Acuity – 

Emerging Entrepreneur:

If the business you own requires one calendar for a single person in only one locale, then Emerging Entrepreneur is a great option. It costs $ 15 for one month, and it is the first service tier to have a collection of advanced features, which is also available in higher tiers.

Also, Emerging Entrepreneur is among the first tier which provides:

  • automatic time zone communication with your customers,
  • capabilities to show your client logo,
  • editing of every text which gets displayed on the application to be suitable for the business pattern,
  • and change the software to be suitable for the color palette of the company. 


This service tier is best suitable for a single business owner, such as a stylist and an in-house therapist. This tier is either free or of low cost. Hence it provides essential features, which mainly include unlimited appointments and services and client self-scheduling.

Powerhouse Player:

This service tier can be signed by those companies which require a little additional horsepower. It costs $50 for a month, and it provides each feature that Acuity scheduling offers.

If you become a user of this tier, you will be getting 36 calendars to distribute between locations and staff accordingly.

Growing business:

This service tier is for those businesses that require more features and more support for around six calendars distribution between locations and the staff.

It costs $25 and provides everything which ‘Emerging entrepreneur’ and ‘Freebie’ offers along with some more features such as the capability to sell memberships, gift certificates, and subscription.

Also, this tier offers you text message reminders too.

Features of Acuity Scheduling


  • Acuity Scheduling permits your clients to book appointments on their own. The clients are not required to visit a particular website to book their appointments.
  • The customers can reschedule and cancel the appointments.
  • The employees can set their availability for real-time, and therefore the clients can know who is available for the appointment at a particular time.
  • Every paid service tier of Acuity provides advanced features such as accompanying appointments with Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, and Google Calendar. 
  • In case your company requires you to conduct online classes or meetings with your customers, you can combine Acuity with Zoom, Join, and GoToMeeting. 
  • Acuity can be combined with FreshBooks, Xero, and QuickBooks for accounting and invoicing.
  • Acuity can be combined with AWeber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and some more customer communication and email marketing software.
  • Every paid plan can accept online deposits and payments via Square, Tripe, and PayPal. 
  • The software can secure customer credit cards in a safe vault to make the charging process simpler and faster for any subsequent bookings for appointments. 
  • As the company owner, you can provide your customers the choice to give a tip to your employees with the package of advanced features.

Limitations of Acuity Scheduling

  • There is unavailability of chats or call options for the clients.
  • There is only one way to contact the Acuity team, which is via Email, and this can happen only by filling the submission form on the website.
  • Complicated features results in poor understanding by the customers.
  • When you approach the site via mail to submit the form, you are a risk of failing to get recognized among others. Or you may have to wait for a pretty long time to get the reply.

Promo codes, Deals, and Coupons on Acuity Scheduling

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FREE-WB – Use this promo code to get freebies’ special ‘free’ offer.

SUMMER Use this code and save $ 100 for an introductory headshot session.

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TILAU001- use this code to get a discount of $70 on MyZone.

FLASH30- use this code to get a 30 % discount on If I Made.

5ONIT- use this coupon code to get a 10 % discount on Acuity scheduling.

BLACKFRIDAY- use this promo code to get a 25 % discount on Acuity Scheduling.

BRICK5- use this code and save $15.00 on Acuity Scheduling.

Memorial30- use this promo code to get a discount of 30 % on Acuity Scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many service tiers does Acuity scheduling provide?

Acuity Scheduling offers four different service tiers, namely Emerging Entrepreneur, Freebie, Powerhouse Player, and Growing Business.

Which service tier is free or costs low?

Freebie is either free or costs low.

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It is concluded that Acuity Scheduling is helpful for your clients to book their appointments with your employees. Acuity provides four service tiers, and they are helpful in various ways. Get the best Promo codes, deals, and coupon codes on Acuity Scheduling.